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The Language Instinct (by Steven Pinker)

I had heard a lot about Steven Pinker, so when I saw one of his books, I didn’t think twice before buying it. He’s a professor of psychology at Harvard University and there’s a very long Wikipedia page about him. In this book, he speaks about the topic of language. He’s not a linguist, but a cognitive scientist, which means he focuses on how the brain processes and creates language. Can it get any more interesting than this? As someone who is passionate about understanding… Read More »The Language Instinct (by Steven Pinker)

My Stroke of Insights (by Jill Bolte Taylor)

You’re 37 years old and one morning, all of a sudden and without any prior warning, you notice that you cannot walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of your life. You’re a brain scientist and while you observe yourself and this situation that is unfolding, you recognise that you’re having a stroke. As you may have guessed, “My Stroke of Insights” is a memoir written by a neuroscientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, who experienced a stroke at the age of 37. She is also actively… Read More »My Stroke of Insights (by Jill Bolte Taylor)

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (by Oliver Sacks)

Being passionate about the brain and how it works, I had heard a lot about the author of this book. Oliver Sacks was a British neurologist who moved to the United States, where he spent most of his career. He was the author of numerous and best-selling books that mainly include the cases of his patients, who were people with neurological disorders. He died in 2015 at the age of 82. Before reading this book, I had watched a film, with Robert De Niro and… Read More »The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (by Oliver Sacks)

Evolve Your Brain

Evolve Your Brain (by Joe Dispenza)

Until about 50 years ago, scientists believed that the brain didn’t change after childhood. Now we know instead that the brain can and does change throughout our life. It keeps adapting and reconfiguring its structure, in response to new information, sensorial and environmental stimulation, thoughts and even damage. The brain’s ability to do all this is called neuroplasticity. The scientists who study it and its impact on people’s lives are called neuroscientists. The brain of a child is more plastic, which is why it’s easier… Read More »Evolve Your Brain (by Joe Dispenza)

The Mind in the Cave (by David Lewis-Williams)

What is art? The word art is used today to describe a wide variety of things from prehistoric cave paintings to those apparently nonsensical installations you find in modern galleries. Music and literature are also art but here we’re going to consider visual art only. Is visual art made to be looked at? Is it made for spiritual purposes? Is it made just as a creative outlet? Does art have as many meanings as the artists who make it? Should art be beautiful or just… Read More »The Mind in the Cave (by David Lewis-Williams)

The Feeling of What Happens

The Feeling of What Happens

This book was, for me, revolutionary and revelatory as it significantly contributed to helping my quest for something I had been keeping asking myself for a very long period of time – who are we? Many self-help books out there say that we are our awareness – the ability to observe our body and what happens within it, including our thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions are just products of our minds. Let’s explain this concept by adopting the opposite approach as these books do:… Read More »The Feeling of What Happens

Intelligenza Emotiva

Emotional Intelligence

I’ve been wanting to read this classic for a number of years and I am so happy I finally got around to it. I found it helpful and engaging that at the beginning of every single chapter there was a practical case to introduce the topic. The author also mentioned many scientific studies to support his theories. Eye-opening, deeply informative, insightful and satisfying, this expertly written book was definitely worth reading. From Goodreads: Everyone knows that high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or… Read More »Emotional Intelligence