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The Women of Brewster Place (by Gloria Naylor)

The Women of Brewster Place

I wish I had read the content warnings first: rape, homophobia (strong graphic content), child death, alcoholism, physical abuse and some other bad and heavy stuff that I don’t like to read.

I was tempted to not finish it on many occasions, and I did find myself skimming a bit because the writing wasn’t capturing my attention. I could follow it, but I just couldn’t connect to the story.

I know this book is considered a classic but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I’m aware I’m in a very small minority.

Of course, it goes without saying, this review only reflects my personal reaction to the book, it doesn’t state its worth.

Title: The Women of Brewster Place
Author: Gloria Naylor
Year first published: 1982

From Goodreads:

In her heralded first novel, Gloria Naylor weaves together the stories of seven women living in Brewster Place, a bleak inner-city sanctuary, creating a powerful, moving portrait of the strengths, struggles, and hopes of black women in America.

Vulnerable and resilient, openhanded and open-hearted, these women forge their lives in a place that in turn threatens and protects—a common prison and a shared home.

Naylor renders both loving and painful human experiences with simple eloquence and uncommon intuition.

Her remarkable sense of community and history makes The Women of Brewster Place a contemporary classic—and a touching and unforgettable read.