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Ego Friendly

Ego Friendly

The majority of self-help books out there repeat one thing like a broken record: that the problem is your ego, you need to let go of it.

In the culture in which we live, which values self-sufficiency and individualism, repeatedly hearing this concept is dangerous because it can trigger a fight with yourself.

This book, instead, opens your eyes: the ego exists, it’s there, without it you wouldn’t be able to make sense of your life, it’s the way you live your life. So, instead of eliminating it, you need to get to know it and befriend it.

How? The key to developing a healthy relationship with your ego is emotional awareness and, in the book, you will find practical ways in which you can do this, in a mindful, non-judgemental and compassionate way.

It’s your awareness and your ego we’re talking about, so you won’t find a “one size fits all” solution, you will find instead the tools needed to develop awareness and become in tune with your ego.

The author provides lots of personal practical examples and refers to many studies and researches that provide supporting evidence of what’s being said.

The book resonated with me on many levels – especially the section about the common traps of personal growth and the one about the cultural conditioning, that gives us scripts about how we are expected to behave and even how we should feel.

After reading a few self-help books, where I often was left confused, with this book I felt clarity – everything I was reading finally made sense. I’ve learned a lot and this has massively enriched my personal growth journey.

I highly recommend everyone who’s doing some inner work to read this book.